Digital Marketing

Direct Mail still brings in the lion’s share of dollars, but your digital efforts must be on point so all channels work together.

It’s essential to connect with and engage donors via as many channels and platforms as possible – by standard mail, email, social media, digital ads, Google ad campaigns, crowd-funding, telemarketing, etc. Supporters who are connected with you by more than one channel, give more often, make larger gifts, and have a higher lifetime value. We encourage every effort at cross-channel promotion/engagement. New River is experienced at creating and managing online campaigns, including email, social media posting, and other multi-media work. We’re also able to work seamlessly with in-house or third-party teams to tie direct mail efforts to multi-channel campaigns.

We understand budget limitations, and are sensitive to helping our clients evaluate the value of strategies that may be getting a lot of buzz, but, in reality, deliver very little ROI.

We are experienced in helping organizations decide how best to use allocated budgets to get the best bang for the buck in acquiring, retaining, and reactivating donors through regular mail and additional channels.

Tell us where you want to go with your fundraising and we’ll help you get there!