Donor-Centered Messaging

Always remember, it’s not about you. It’s about them.

In the mail, online, on the phone, and by every channel, we’ll help you avoid a critical mistake made by many organizations – including some of the biggest nonprofits at work: placing your nonprofit, not your donor, at the center of your fundraising efforts. Years of experience and testing have taught us there’s a better way.


Spotlighting the good work and efficiency of your organization is important, but not as important as a storyline that reinforces a donor’s feeling that he/she is needed and appreciated.


Organizations that overemphasize accomplishments and downplay needs in hopes of building donor confidence, often achieve the opposite. “All is well, we don’t need you,” is the subliminal message donors take in. If you paint a perfect picture, they may admire you, but they won’t support you. Show some vulnerability. Donors will appreciate your honesty, feel needed, and many will step up to help.


The most effective appeals for nonprofits are upbeat and positive in tone. Yes, they should highlight hardships and challenges, but hope, rather than doom and gloom, ultimately wins the day. And, always, always, always, show donors that their support matters.

Tell us where you want to go with your fundraising and we’ll help you get there!