Looking for a Team Who Can Do It All?

We’re here to be your partner “for good!”

We’re a full-service direct response marketing and fundraising agency working exclusively for nonprofit organizations just like yours.

While we love marketing and specialize in eliciting response from prospects and donors, we don’t use our talents to sell cars or clothes or trendy new restaurants. We bring our creative abilities to bear on things that truly matter. Things that really matter in life. Things like feeding the hungry. Sheltering the homeless. Protecting our planet’s precious resources. Alleviating suffering caused by curable diseases, Bringing relief and development to the poorest people on earth. Caring for Veterans and first responders who have sacrificed for our country, among other important causes that deserve an audience and support.

We provide the services you need to find, build, engage, and retain a community that believes in your cause. Across the donor spectrum we have the resources and know-how to help you. From idea hatching to final analysis, we can help you maximize your marketing and fundraising efforts.

Our Services

Creative Integrated Marketing

Multi-Channel Direct Response Fundraising Campaigns

Direct Mail Package Concepts & Creation

Email Campaigns

Social Media Creative & Management

FaceBook & Google Ad Campaigns

Newspaper & Magazine Advertising


Graphic Design

Spanish Language Marketing

Telemarketing Campaigns

Strategic Planning
Program Management

Full Program & Campaign Strategies

Budget Development

Response Analysis

Database Analytics

Data Processing System Coordination

Telemarketing Programs

Production Vendor Review,Quotes & Management

Digital Ad Campaign Management

Test & Continuation List Acquisition and Analysis

Segmentation Strategies

Donor Profile Analysis

Media & List Analysis

Liaison with other Fundraising/Marketing Activities

Acknowledgment Systems Management

Google Grant Management


We sit down and get to know you and your ideas on direct response marketing for your nonprofit or association. Your needs, your strengths, your problems, your priorities, your vision.


Some of the biggest nonprofits at work: placing your nonprofit, not your donor, at the center of your fundraising efforts.


We manage hundreds of direct mail campaigns for nonprofits and associations like yours each year ranging from small custom jobs to mailings of one million or more packages.


We connect with & engage donors via many channels & platforms – by standard mail, email, social media, digital ads, etc.


New River Communications will help you leverage your data more effectively by providing a comprehensive and ongoing view of performance, trends and growth opportunities.

Tell us where you want to go with your fundraising and we’ll help you get there!