Jarem Hodge

Graphic Designer

With serval years of experience in creating publications, Jarem recognizes the power of strong design to influence public perception of a brand or organization. Whether working on a direct mail piece, an email series;  or other marketing materials, Jarem is dialed in on creating designs that are clean, impactful, and that get readers to pay attention. Jarem received his Bachelor of Science degree from the Art Institute of Ft. Lauderdale where he was awarded Best Digital Portfolio. Born in the Caribbean, Jarem’s love for the sun and sea makes life in South Florida feel like the perfect place to work and play. As a father of two Type 1 diabetics, Jarem is a proud supporter of the JDRF and realizes the impact donor contributions have on those in need.

How did you get into direct response fundraising?
After graduating from The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale as a graphic designer, I got my career started at a marketing and publications firm. After a few years, I felt an absence of growth and achievement involved in the work. Around this time, I was Introduced to New River Communications by a good friend and fellow graphic artist. When I learned about the kind of work they were doing – and that I could put my talents to work to help good causes – I knew this was what had been missing in my professional career. Creating meaningful and impactful designs has brought me more fulfillment. I like leaving the job every day knowing that the work I’ve put in will help make a difference to someone in need.

What’s the best part of your job?
Learning; I get to work with individuals who have years of expertise and who have accomplished a lot in their careers. My goal is to absorb as much knowledge as possible and use that knowledge effectively in business and in everyday life.

Worst part of your job?
Reading about the travesties that some people have to endure in some places around the world. But, it’s offset knowing that the work we do here may mean many of them will get a helping hand.

Your favorite escape from the job?
Riding my longboard around Fort Lauderdale beach with my vintage Pentax film camera taking candid photos.