Meredith Jones

Account Manager

Meredith has spent nearly a decade devoted to nonprofit work. From fighting hunger, increasing teacher salaries, and improving infant and maternal health, to preventing the surrender of companion animals at shelters, Meredith strives to use her professional skills and time in purposeful ways. Throughout her career with nonprofit orgs, Meredith’s roles have involved mid-level donor strategy, fundraising, donor database management, philanthropy operations, graphic design, and digital enablement. She comes to New River Communications with a desire for efficiency and organization, a strong attention to detail, and a “think outside the box” mindset. Meredith holds a BA in Psychology from Wright State University. 

How did you get into direct response fundraising?
During my time working at a food bank, I had a taste of direct response fundraising. I worked in partnership with the direct response fundraising agency to develop a mid-level donor strategy. I was really interested in the agency work because it offered to opportunity to work alongside multiple nonprofits at once. 

What’s the best part of your job?
I love that my job helps some amazing organizations achieve their goals. Our successes mean success for clients. Knowing that my work with New River Communications has the potential to impact anyone and anything that benefits from the clients we work with, is an incredible feeling.

The worst part?
The pressure of knowing that my mistakes or unsuccessful ideas can mean fewer resources for our clients. The best part of my job can also be the worst if something doesn’t go well.

Your favorite escape from the job?
I escape from work by getting away from screens and just being present with my two little boys. Playing outside, building a fort, coloring, and hide and seek always helps me destress and forget about adult responsibilities for a little while. If I were to escape to a place it would be Colorado in the summertime!