Nicole Kennedy

Account Manager

Nicole’s 20-year career has focused on print production for a variety of deliverables, from promo pens to billboard signs to direct mail packages. A graduate of the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale with a Bachelor of Science, Nicole has wide knowledge of print projects from concept to creation to production. Nicole’s recent turn to direct response marketing with New River Communications has allowed Nicole to use her experience and talents for some of the most important causes in the world. She takes special pride in her exceptional eye for detail and “grace under pressure” under tight deadlines, helping her clients produce first-rate work on a regular basis. After years in the commercial space, Nicole is grateful to be working in the “good causes” business and especially interested in mental health awareness and treatment for the positive impact advances in those areas have had in her own life.

What’s the best part of your job?
Having the power to overflow my enemies’ mailbox [Evil Laugh]. Direct mail is all about new prospects!

Worst part of your job?
This is the part where I say it’s all sunshine and daisies, right? But that middle of the night terror, waking up realizing you missed something? That feeling gets me every time.

Your favorite escape from the job?
I have 4 kids; any escape is my favorite escape! Our family spends time together verbally sparing each other, except maybe that one time you catch one supporting another. You can often catch me speaking in movie quotes or song lyrics, having in-depth conversations about fandoms, or being crafty.